Estatua Coo (K64)
With this ability Kirby can transform into Chuchu, Rick, Nago, Pitch, Coo, and Kine. All of these stones have a special ability when Kirby uses them.



When Kirby transforms into a Coo stone, he can fly temporarily, more than Pitch. If he falls to the floor, he will completely stop.


When Kirby transforms into a Pitch stone, he can fly as can the Coo stone, but he doesn't fly as well as Coo. If he falls to the floor he will roll.


When Kirby tranforms into a Chuchu stone, he can jump really high, but he can't move, only jump.


When Kirby transforms into a Nago stone, he can do 3 jumps in a row, but they are low due to his heaviness.


When Kirby transforms into a Kine stone, he can't do anything. He only can look right or left, also he can't move.


When Kirby transforms into a Rick stone, he can jump on the walls and climb them. He can only do 1 jump, but if he goes to a nearby wall, he can jump more times on the wall.


Cutter + Stone


Kirby turns into random stone animals, like fish and birds, that are heavy and indestructible.

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