Bandanna Dee

Bandanna Waddle Dee (a. k. a. Bandanna Dee) is an opponent in Kirby Super Star, boss in Kirby Super Star Ultra and a playable character in Kirby's Return to Dreamland.

Kirby Super Star / UltraEdit

Bandanna Waddle Dee is the first opponent in Megaton Punch and a boss in Revenge Of The King, which is Super Star Ultra-exclusive. He behaves exactly like a Waddle Dee, but he has unusually high stamina. You can defeat him just by inhaling him, though.

However, the Arena Waddle Dee that appears in The Arena of Kirby Super Star is replaced with Bandanna Waddle Dee in The Arena of Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Kirby's Return to DreamlandEdit

Bandanna Waddle Dee is a whole lot weaker than Kirby, permanently using Spear Kirby's moveset. He has a power that allows him to hover by spinning his spear. This is actually first seen in episode 72 of both versions of the anime, except with a broom. It is not actually Bandanna Waddle Dee that does it though. In this game, he is simply referred to as "Waddle Dee."

Bandanna Waddle Dee's Moveset:

Attack name: Controls:
Spear Thrust 1
Back Thrust 1, then ← (if facing right)
Skyward Thrust ↑ 1
Moon Drop ↓ 1 in midair
Waddle Spear Throw Dash 1
Waddle Spear Barrage Dash, 1 repeatedly in midair
Waddle Triple Throw Dash, 1, release
Multispear Thrust 1 repeatedly
Waddle Copter Hold 1, release
Underwater Thrust 1 underwater
Surface Thrust ↑ 1 underwater
Underwater Downward Thrust ↓ 1 underwater