KSqSq Bohboh sprite
Bohboh is a Boss in Kirby Squeak Squad. He is a fire owl with a raccoon tail.


  • Grab: He grabs Kirby and throws him in lava.
  • Fire Ball: He throws fire balls that don't burn Kirby, but still inflict damage.
  • Fly: He flies to touch Kirby, which deals out damage,
  • Failed Grab: If he fails to grab Kirby, he'll crach on the floor and cause an earth quake. This will cause rocks and enemies such as Sir Kibble and Pengi to fall. This will give Bohboh damage, but you could also get hurt.


  • Bohboh may be a spin on the word "bubo" which is the genus for owls in binomial nomenclature.
  • His name could also mean he is related to Bobo and BoBoh.

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