Bokoblins are enemies in the Zelda series which only appear in Twilight Princess, The Wind Waker, and Skyward Sword. However, they are very abundant when they appear.

The Wind Waker Edit

250px-Bokoblin (The Wind Waker)

They will fight with various weapons, but if its weapon is lost, it will try to fight hand-to-hand. They are way smarter than Moblins, but they are way worse at guarding and often sleep on the job.


Twilight Princess Edit

These are the most common enemies in the game and are defeated very easily even with the Wooden Sword. They are said to be under the control of Ganondorf and are later replaced with defensively-enhanced red ones.

Skyward Sword Edit

If you thought there were a lot in Twilight Princess, you should play this game. They come in many different forms and are said to like stylish undergarments.

100px-Bokoblin (Skyward Sword)

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