Bomb Kirby Transformation (English)00:20

Bomb Kirby Transformation (English)

Bomb (Bomba in Spanish) appears in the anime and some of the games. He can throw bombs, hence the name, and also drop
them. His hat in Kirby's Return to Dream Land is different than the usual. He would usually get it from a Poppy Bro Jr. or a Poppy Bro Sr. However, in the earlier games Poppy Bros Jr. gave
nothing and Poppy Bros Sr. gave Crash. Even now, you can not obtain this ability from Poppy Bros Sr. Bomb has a different hat in Kirby GCN and Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Flavour Texts Edit

Kirby Super Star Blast your enemies into bits! Take accurate aim and throw it. Tour throw will be controlled by Y.
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

Use B to pull out a bomb, and press B again to throw it. Use the +Control Pad to change where to throw it.

Kirby Squeak Squad HOLD! THROW!! BOOM!!
Kirby Super Star Ultra Grab a bomb and hold the button to set the the throw angle. Toss it and it'll go Ka-BOOM!
Kirby's Return to Dream Land Prep a huge bomb, aim it, and KA-BOOM! Get above the enemies, and boom, boom, boom! Bowl a perfect BOOM!

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