Bomb SS

In Skyward Sword

Bombs are weapons who appears in many Kirby/Zelda games. In Kirby, "Bomb" is an ability.

The Legend of Zelda Edit

Bombs are items in the Legend of Zelda series that Link uses to blow stuff up. You can either buy them if you have a bomb bag, or pick them from the ground since they are also plants. They are known as the "Goron Special Crop" in Ocarina of Time. In Four Swords, they are obtained from pedestals.

Kirby Edit

Waddle Dees and some other enemies throw bombs at you in Kirby Mass Attack. Poppy Bros Jr. and Sr. both throw bombs too. They both give you the Bomb ability, which throws bombs. Or in Kirby Air Ride (Top Ride mode) you can take the bomb item. Then throw it to rivals. Also in Kirby's Dream Land in some levels, you maybe found a bomb. Inhale it and then split it to a enemy. But if you get closer, and you don't inhale the bomb, the bomb will explote itself.