In the Games

Bonkers is a Mini-Boss and a helper in the Kirby series. He gives you the Hammer ability and also appears in the anime. See Super Bonkers for information on him.

Games Edit

He appears in most of the main Kirby games. He has Hammer Kirby's moveset, but he cannot throw the hammer and uses the fire hammer in a downward position.

EX Edit

He has new attacks as well as new clothes.

Anime Edit


In the Anime

Bonkers was abducted from his home in the jungle and used for the circus. His story
Evil Bonkers

Demon Bonkers

is a very sad one indeed. One day his master is watching TV, 星のカービイ to be exact. Bonkers immediately wants to find Kirby and train under him. Bonkers goes to Cappy Town to find Kirby and succeeds. He follows Kirby around seeing what he does. King Dedede turns him into a monster, so Bonkers turns into Demon Bonkers and acts out a scene from "King Kong". In the end, he has a flash-back of his past and turns back into a regular being.

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