Here, I'll show you the City Trail events and some tips to overcome them. Kirby2390 - Talk - Blog.

Huge Pillar: In this event, a huge pillar will appear. Follow the compass to discover where the huge pillar is. When the numbers are decreasing, it's a good thing because you are going the right way. If you destroy the huge pillar, a lot of items (and some abilities) will be scattered in the area.

Tip: Sometimes, the huge pillar appears in the roof of a City Trail building. So, if you don't find the huge pillar, and the compass has few numbers, fly to see if it's there. If you don't find the huge pillar, look up and you'll (maybe) see a light. Follow the light or the compass and whichever of the two will lead you to the huge pillar.
TAC Challenge: In this event, you need to find TAC and steal his items. However, if you are too slow, he'll escape. To find him, follow the compass. Tip: TAC is normally found underground. If your compass has few numbers and you don't find him, go underground and maybe he is there. Also, if you steal 8 of his items, you will get a song in your checklist. And when he escapes, some of his items will fall.
Fake Power-ups: In this event, all of the normal items will disappear and a lot of boxes with some "Fake Power-Ups" will appear. You need to be be careful here. If you touch one, you'll loose a good power-up and some health. One of the effects from touching a fake power-up is Sleep, something rare. Fake Items:'32px-KAR Fake Weight32px-KAR Fake Turn32px-KAR Fake Charge32px-KAR Fake Boost32px-KAR Fake Defense'32px-KAR Fake Offense32px-KAR Fake Glide32px-KAR Fake TopSpeed Tip: Look really closely for what items are the fake ones. The fake patches that are the most difficult to tell apart from the real ones (and thus are run into more often) are: The charge, glide and boost patches. To know more easily if there is a fake item is: Look carefully at the item. If the item isn't like the normal ones, do not touch it!
Air Ride Machine Formation: In this event, some machines of the City Trail will br flying very slowly. To see them, follow the compass. Normally, these machines are in the sky and are difficult to reach. However, when the event is over, all of the machines will leave very quickly. Tip: You can crash into the machines to make them normal machines to ride in them. Another way to do it is by getting off of your machine and then jump with Kirby on one, and if Kirby succeeds, he'll ride on the machine.
Dyna Blade: In this event, Dyna Blade will come to the City. She is very big and harmful if you touch her wings or feet. However, if you throw a bomb, throw a Gordo, or crash into her face, she'll escape. You can find her using the compass. Tip: When you attack Dyna Blade, she might escape to another part of the city or she will escape for good. However, when she escapes, she'll let go of some items. Take them quick!
Dense Fog Today: This event takes a lot of time, sometines 1 minute. However this fog will invade the City to make things impossible to see. Sometimes, you only can see a few things on the floor or your machine. Be careful if you see a gray item or something bad. Tip: If you fly you'll see nothing, only Kirby, the machine and the fog. In this event, it's recommended that you use a slow machine like the Compact Star or the Rocket Star to be careful of the grey or bad items.
Item Bounce: In this event, all of the items will bounce randomly. You can see where they will fall, and take them. Tip: When this event is ready to start, all of the items will disappear. Get 'em quick or they will vanish.
Flying Meteor: This event is the most harmful and dangerous of all. Meteors will fall from the sky, and when they touch the floor, they will explode. The last meteor is the biggest one, and will follow you, so run! As fast as you can! Tip: When some meteors explode, they will let go of some items, especially the big one.
Rowdy Charge Tank: In this event, all of the machines will have energy tanks to make them as fast as the Hydra. (but it doesn't change the defense or offense) You'll ride super fast and erratically and it IS TOO FAST! Tip: If you don't like this, event get off of your machine by pressing the "A" button and tilt the control stick downwards. When the music stops, the event finish.
What is in the Box?: In this event, if you see boxes rolling, break them. Example: they nay drop many charge patches or only one. All of the rolling boxes will have charge patches. Be careful because sometimes there are grey or bad items. Tip: If you see a red box that isn't rolling, that's a part of a legendary machine! And if the box hasbad items, don't break it until the music is over, or until the boxes stop rolling.
Station Fire: This event is a little dangerous: all of the rails in the city will be on fire. DON'T go near of them or you'll loose a lot of health. Tip: If you are in a rail and this event occurs, try to stop your machine or have the Swerve Star to stop. You can't get off of your machine when you're in a rail.
Mysterious UFO: Here, a UFO will appear in City Trail's sky, causing darkness with a big shadow. However, the UFO has special items above it. Fly with your air ride machine to get them! Tip: You can also go to the City Trail's volcano and go to a rail to the entrance. At the volcano, touch the pannel to go to the highest part of the city, then go to the UFO, because the UFO is below the highest part of the city.
The Lighthouse Light Burns: In this event City Trail's lighthouse will be on. Follow the compass to find it. Tip: The light will fill your health if you're low on health.
Secret Chamber in Castle Hall: This is a strange event. Go to the castle hall (if you don't know where it is, follow the compass) and then many items will be there (but all are the same) take them and continue. Tip: If you don't know where the castle hall is, follow the compass, but the compass in this event dissapears quickly.
Restoration Areas: Many Restoration areas will appear in the City that will restore your health. Tip: When a restoration area is black, it is finished and it can't give any more health.
Prediction: This isn't an event, it's a track to know what stadium you and your friends (or CPUs) will do. Tip: None.
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