Cook Kirby Transformation Digitally Remastered by VaatiTheWindDemon00:13

Cook Kirby Transformation Digitally Remastered by VaatiTheWindDemon

Cook kirby
Cook Kirby (Cocinero in Spanish) is in the anime and in Kirby Super Star Ultra. In Kirby Super Star Ultra, you have to inhale Chef Kawasaki to get the cook ability. In the anime, Chef Kawasaki throws Kirby a frying pan. It also appears in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Flavour TextEdit

Kirby Super Star: When Kirby needs an energy boost, cook up some "gourmet enemy soup." Cook is a one course meal.
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror: Cook your enemies into a nutritious and delicious snack. This trick only works once before it goes away!
Kirby Super Star Ultra: What's on today's menu? Put all your foes in the pot and stew them to perfection!

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