Crash kirby
Crash Kirby (Catapúm in Spanish) is extremely powerful and wipes out every enemy in a room. It can only be used once though. It had always been a one-attack ability until Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It also appears in a few anime episodes.

Flavour Texts Edit

Kirby's Adventure This power will defeat all enemies on the screen, but you can only use it once!
Kirby Super Star Blow all the enemies away with one HUGE explosion. It's a one time chance, so use it wisely!
Kirby:Nightmare in Dream Land/Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Warning! Use only as a last resort!
Kirby Canvas Curse Explode and beat all foes!
Kirby Super Star Ultra KO all foes with a big BOOM! Be careful. This weapon has only 1 charge.
Kirby's Return to Dream Land Shake the Wii Remote to bulid up energy for a powered-up explosion! You only get one shot with this ultimate weapon!


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