Cutter Kirby Transformation

Cutter Kirby Transformation

Cutter Kirby

Cutter (Cuchillo in Spanish) is one of Kirby's Copy Abilites. It is in every main Kirby game from Kirby's Adventure except Kirby Canvas Curse. There was going to be a Cutter Super Ability called "Mega Cutter", but it got removed.

Flavor TextsEdit

Kirby's Adventure

Kirby can throw a series of cutters that return like boomerangs!

Kirby Super Star

The Cutter can cut anything in it's path. Use it to cut down enemies, as well as ropes that get in your way.

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

The Cutter Boomerang is coming right back at ya!

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Throw the Cutter farther by holding B. Aim up or down with the +Control Pad.

Kirby Squeak Squad

Remote Cutter BOOMERANG!

Kirby Super Star Ultra

Throw a boomerang all over! Slash! Jab! Strike! You can even cut ropes!

Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Cut through ropes with the blade of a well-aimed boomerang. Aim up or down, or charge up for a Hyper Boomerang!


Cutter Boomerang B/Y/1
Hyper Boomerang Hold 1, then release.
Cutter Dash B/Y/1 + Dash
Sweep Cutter Hold B/Y/1 (Midair)
Cutter Drop Down + B/Y/1 (Midair)
Cleaving Cutter/Nonstop Cutter/Final Cutter Up/Down/Forward + B/Y/1 (Near Enemy)


  • Cutter's Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land flavour text is based on the anime.