KMA DashCourse
The Dash Course is a mini-game of Kirby Mass Attack it can be unlocked by getting 25 medals in the stages.


The objective is try to make a Kirby jump the largest distance that he can do in 10, 30 or 60 (1 minute) seconds. To jump you'll see in the touch pannel three shapes a circle, a square and a triangle you need to press it when Kirby is in the front of one (Example: next jump in a circle press the circle in the touch pannel.) If you tap the shape incorrectly Kirby will jump but then he will stay immobile for a seconds because he failed. It also you win exp. points like Kirby Quest and you only can go to the level 3. But the exp. points doesn't show it you need to see the other Kirby in the left that has a bar and this bar gets full if you go up of level. If you are in level 2 or 3 and you failed Kirby will go down 1 level and go some slow again if you failed and Kirby is in the level 1 he only will stay immobile some seconds.


Level 1Edit

Kirby jumps too slow he takes some to fall in the ground were is the shape but it can help you focus to see the next shape.

Level 2Edit

Kirby jumps regular like in the games and the fall too at the same speed but sometimes you can get confused.

Level 3Edit

This is too fast you also maybe can't see Kirby jumping and falling but you can get easyly confused if you try to go too fast.



  • This mini-game is a kind of the mini-game 100-Yard Hop of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
  • When you will start to play there are already records but with few distance.
  • In the mini-game they're 3 Kirbys one jumps, other takes the time and the other show you the bar level of the speed.
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