The Destruction Derby is a stadium from Kirby Air Ride, City Trail.


The stadium consist in KO your rivals many times as posible with Quick Spins, Items, Copy Abilities, etc. To be more strong, fast or whatever you need to get many patches as you can in the City Trail before time runs out. If you KO a rival it will revive, the same way if someone KO you. In the screen up on the left will be your points market as stars. There are 5 destruction derbies in total. In the 1 you can fall of the stage, if you fall you will loose all your health but you will return alive, but it will be more easy to KO you. In that stadium is very recommended have many Offense Patches, Defense Patches, Turn Patches for the machines who doesn't turn too good, and Charge Patches for machines who charge slow like Hydra.

Destruction Derby 1Edit

Destruction derby 1
The stage is simple, there are 2 rocks who can be broken using quick spins or crashing in them. If they are broke you can fall of the stage and loose all your health so becareful. Also when a rock is broken some power-ups and items will appear. The stage is like a rectangle.

Destruction Derby 2Edit

The stage is like a circle. It's kind of Magma Flows. There are 2 widened circular areas where most of time power-ups appear. In that stage is recommended use a speedy and turn machine.

Destruction Derby 3Edit

This stage is little and with a circular shape, there are also some switches to make some floors go up. The stage seems like a spy room.

Destruction Derby 4Edit

Here the battle is in the part of the city were are some buildings. In that stage appear many power-ups. The mike ability, or/and bomb ability can be very useful here.

Destruction Derby 5Edit

This stage is where the walls of the city are. It can be destroyed. Here just appears 6 single items. The Offensive patch, defense patch, negative offense patch, negative defense patch, fireworks and a item who makes Kirby do a large quick spin to attack and hurt more your rivals. The entrance of a place like a triangle where there are all the machines (In the Free Run mode) is closed.
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