Dyna blade d

Dyna Blade is a large and ancient bird that comes to Dream Land every century to lay eggs. She is in the games and the anime. Her first appearance is in Kirby Super Star. She also appears during an event in Kirby Air Ride.


Kirby Super Star Edit

In Dyna Blade, Dyna Blade is ravaging Dream Land! Kirby goes to find out why, fight her, and ends up triumphing. A moment later, he finds out that she just wanted to feed her chicks. He feeds them and teaches them to fly, as Dyna was injured.

Kirby Mass AttackEdit

In Kirby Mass Attack, she is a cameo in the mini-game Kirby Quest. She appears if Kirby do a "awesome" attack.


10 Battle with the Enormous Boss01:24

10 Battle with the Enormous Boss.wmv

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