FishboneA Fishbone is a enemy of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It gives you the Cutter ability when it's swallowed. Fishbones can be underwater and floating in the air.


Those enemies are 3 triangles, one is little, other medium and the head is the big one. Each triangle has a color the little is yellow, the medium is orange and the big is red. The big one has a black point that is supposed to be Fishbone's eye.


If Kirby gets close Fishbone's face will turn a little bigger and then it throw their proper head to Kirby. Then the head dissapear and a new one appear as a new head for the Fishbone. If Kirby swallow the enemy and then he put it above him. The Fishbone will throw more faster their proper head to attack and helps Kirby.


  • It's the enemy info. card #53.
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