This is my first guide. I got this game for free, thanks to DSiWare. I have completed the game, and I'm up to the Hero's Trial. Contact me here. JIRACHI385 02:49, July 22, 2012 (UTC)

Sea of TreesEdit


Deguchitato is the boss here. It's a long name. I know. Deguchitato is an evil flower. It is really annoying. 2-4 heads are sent out at the start of the battle, which must be dodged until they bloom into a colour. You attack the flower that is your colour. The flowers stop showing their colour after a short time, and start spinning again. You attack them when they bloom and so on. Eventually they show some colours on top of the flower, and during that short period you attack the flower that matches your colour. Then you pull the handles close to the flower to reveal the colours again. You do the same thing until you are done, and you obtain a Key!

Talus CaveEdit


This boss's name is Derazoru. Break the ice cube he is trapped inside, and then he will start attacking you. Attack him into the ice, and break the ice cube. Repeat this until he's dead. Then visit the Great Fairy and get a Key!

Death MountainEdit

This boss's name is Gouen. First of all, he shoots a fireball with a colour. If you are that colour Link, hit the fireball with your sword. It will change colour, for the Link of that colour to attack. Eventually the fireball will hit Gouen, and he will split into lots of little fireballs. Only one fireball can get damaged, the others dissapear. Attack the right one to damage him, and he will turn to normal. Repeat this until you obtain a Key!

Vaati's PalaceEdit

Vaati Wind Mage
Vaati is battled in two forms. With the first form Vaati posseses a statue of him, and flies around with a tornado underneath him. Throw a bomb into the tornado and if done with good timing, Vaati will fall down. Attack him, and he will create the tornado again. Repeat this and eventually you will win! With the second form Vaati uses attacks from the 3 previous bosses, as well as sending small Vaati clones after you. Damage him enough, and then seal him in the Four Sword again-but not forever.

Games to PlayEdit

If you like this game, then you should play Four Swords Adventures.

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