Galaxia (Also Galaxia in Spanish) is the name of Meta Knight's sword. Most games show him using an unnamed sword. In Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, he uses the Master sword instead.


The first Kirby game to reflect Galaxia's design in the anime is Kirby Air Ride. It has never been called by its name in the games, but Super Smash Bros. Brawl references it with Meta Knight's final smash, Galaxia Darkness. It is shown in Meta Knightmare Ultra it can absorb power from defeated foes to use moves like Knight Call, Meta Quick, Heal, and the ultra lethal Mach Tornado.


Anime Edit

Meta Knight uses Galaxia throughout the whole series. This is the first time that Galaxia is directly referred to.
Galaxia's done transformation
The only episode to give its back story is "Crusade for the Blade." Kirby uses it in "Hour of the Wolfwrath/Sword and Blade: Loyal and True" to destroy Wolfwrath and in "Crusade for the Blade" to destroy Kirasakin.

Kirby holding Galaxia

Back StoryEdit

Galaxia was forged by the legendary Photron, leader of the fire people, and captured by Nightmare. He gave it to Kirisakin so that he could guard it. Meta Knight was able to get it back, but not without his partner Garlude needing to sacrifice herself.

Crusade for the Blade Edit

Silica wanted to get Galaxia back for her dead mother, Garlude. When she gets her hands on it, she nearly dies since Galaxia only accepts the chosen ones. Kirisakin is defeated by Galaxia Kirby.

270px-Ep60 Galaxia

The sacred sword Galaxia.