The Gerudo appear in only three games, one of them being Majora's Mask, making them different from actual Gerudos. They consist of all women; however, a male is born every hundred years.

Ocarina of Time Edit

They guard the Gerudo Fortress and keep people out. They are known as theives that follow Ganondorf.

Majora's Mask Edit

They are known as the Female Pirates and attract men near the Great Bay. One man even asks for a picture of one.

Four Swords Adventures Edit

They are known as pure-hearted instead of thieves. They don't like their leader, Ganondorf, who tried to attack their pyramid.

Twilight Princess Theory Edit

The Gerudo area is in it, but Gerudo people aren't. It is assumed that they were all killed or chased off. Some even think that they are the tribe that was banished to the twilight. That can't be true because Lanayru even tells you who the tribe was. However, the Gerudo symbol is on Zant's throne. This could mean that they were also banished to the twilight realm because the sages wanted their area for the Mirror of Twilight. If this is true, Zant is the male Gerudo that is born every hundred years. Midna also says a line about their ancestors making a mistake. That could be a reference to Ganondorf.

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