A goal game (Juego Extra in spanish) is like a mini-game where Kirby has the opportunidy to have 1-Ups, Health or points, also sometimes nothing.

In GamesEdit

Kirby's AdventureEdit

When you finish a stage a icon (where is supposed to be the icon of the copy ability) with Kirby destroying a rope like the end of a race and down of it says "Goal" then Kirby will land in a platform and then you need to press the "A" botton and he jumps more higher they are the numbers: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. The number 7 is the worst also if you land in that number other Kirby with a sign will say "Press "A". The other numbers gives you points and in the 1, 3 Kirbys will appear and a UFO Kirby with a sign who says "1-Up" will give you a life.

Kirby Super StarEdit

Dyna BladeEdit

When Kirby finish a level other 3 Kirbys with a cannon will wait for him to launch the Kirby that you are using again they are the numbers 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Here the 2 and 3 gives you a 1-Up and the 1 gives you 3-Ups.

Kirby's Dream Land 2Edit

Kirby will do a kind of same as Kirby's Adventure but the prizes are different also Kirby jumps in a cloud. Whatever they're 7 floors. The first 3 ones has enemies to give you points, the 4 one gives you a Pep Brew, the 5 one gives you a star, the 6 one gives you a Maxim Tomato and the last one (7) a 1-Up. Also if you do the highest jump you will win all of those prizes.

Kirby's Dream Land 3Edit

NOTE: In this goal game you can win 2 prizes if Gooey helps you as a CPU or the player 2. But if he is a CPU let him jump first because if you do it before than him he will land in the same point as you.

In this goal game Kirby (and maybe Gooey too) will jump to get a prize. The prizes that you can win are: a little star, a medium star, a big star, a maxi tomato, a pep brew and a 1-up. If you see a face and you land in that face you will win nothing also if you land at the same point as the other player. Just press "A" when you are ready.

Kirby 64: The Crystal ShardsEdit

Kaabii 64
In that goal game Kirby will do a kind of same as Kirby's Dream Land 3. But they are new prizes that you can win and are: a star (the little one), a red star (the medium one), a green star (of the goal game is the biggest one but in the story mode is the blue one), a maxi tomato, food (a cake, meat or a frozen lolipop), 1-up and a card with a "?" that is supposed to be a enemy info. card. But if you don't take nothing all the prizes will disappear and Kirby will cry. To jump first you need to press "A" and make Kirby stop sawing the prizes and jump in this direction where he stops then press it again to jump.

Kirby Tilt 'n' TumbleEdit

That's not at all a goal game. Just when Kirby will end a stage he will land in a thing that says "Goal". Depending where Kirby land, those are the points who he will win. Also if he land in the middle he will win a 1-up.

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream LandEdit

Is the same as Kirby's Adventure but the platform is now a cloud.

Kirby & the Amazing MirrorEdit

When Kirby are in a part of the map who says "Goal" or "Final" and he found a big door with a big star in the middle and he entrances he will appear in a room where there's only a Warp Star. If Kirby touches it he will fly to get items. Also he has seconds to finish but they go too fast. Whatever also are Metal Blocks where Kirby can crash and loose some speed. The items (prizes) you can win are: Meat, cherries, batteries (for the celphone), maxi tomatoes and 1-ups. When the time finishes Kirby will land in a cloud and do his dance.

Kirby Canvas CurseEdit

At the end of a stage you need to make Kirby (Or a playble character) jump (or go) the highest distance to win many stars to make 1-ups. You can tap Kirby to make he go faster before stop or draw a line to make a ramp for him to jump more higher but the ink won't be recover in this goal game. If you use all the ink you can't take more.

Kirby Squeak SquadEdit

When he finishes he will entrance in a cannon and you need to press "A" to shoot him into a prize if you fail you will win nothing. The prizes you can win are: Meat, a cherry, a pep brew, a kind of food, a maxi tomato and a 1-up. Sometimes the cannon go slow and sometimes too fast.

Kirby Super Star UltraEdit

Dyna BladeEdit

The same as Kirby Super Star. Exatly the same.

Kirby's Epic YarnEdit

At the end of a stage you will see a bead. To finish the stage press 1 where is the bead and it will stop. Depending how many stars you get in the bead you will win those crystal multiplicade by 100.

Kirby's Return to Dream LandEdit

He will do the same as Kirby's Adventure and its remake but Kirby don't win points, he win stars to make a 1-up. Also they're 7 numbers and if you do this goal game in multiplayer and all the players land in the same number they can win more stars, food, maxi tomatoes, or 1-ups. But if a player got a higher distance than the other the player who do the higher distance will win some stars. But the other nope.


  • In the goal game of Kirby 64 if Kirby wons a card but it's one who he already have he will be dissapointed but he will not cry.
  • In Kirby's Dream Land 2 depending where Kirby lands his dance music will be recorted if he don't got the highest floor.
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