The Great Fairies are characters in the Zelda series that appear in most games. They help the player.

The Legend of Zelda Edit

They look exactly like the ones that appear when you defeat enemies, except they are located at ponds and heal you completely.

A Link to the Past Edit

They can be found around the overworld and can upgrade your weapons.

Link's Awakening Edit

There are many fairy fountains around Koholint, where Great Fairies heal you. In Link's Awakening DX, one appears at the end of the Color Dungeon and gives you a red (2x Attack) or blue (2x Defense) tunic. You can alternate between these two, but you can never get your green tunic back.

Ocarina of Time Edit

They now have a new look of leaves. There are many throughout Hyrule, each of them gives you a spell or an upgrade. After giving you the upgrade, they will heal your health and magic.

Majora's MaskEdit

These look just like the ones from Ocarina. You have to find all of the Stray Fairies in the temples and bring them back to the area where the Great Fairy is. They give you extremely useful things.

Oracle Games Edit

They act like the ones in Link's Awakening.

Four SwordsEdit

  • The Great Fairy of Forest
  • The Great Fairy of Ice
  • The Great Fairy of Flame
There are 3 Great Fairies that you find after completing levels.
  • Great Fairy of Forest - Complete Sea of Trees
  • Great Fairy of Ice - Complete Talus Cave
  • Great Fairy of Flame - Complete Death Mountain

They each give you a key, which are used to open the doors of Vaati's Palace. You need all the keys though.

The Wind Waker Edit

They have a new look but act the same as any other Great Fairy.
File-Great Fairy Bombs

Four Swords Adventures Edit

They upgrade your weapons. They resemble the ones from The Wind Waker.

The Minish Cap Edit

They resemble the ones from Four Swords. They are all willing to give Link a new weapon or upgrade.

Twilight Princess Edit

This is the most suggestive of them all. Luckily, you only find them in the Cave of Ordeals. However, they will appear in the Spirit Springs if you manage to beat the Cave of Ordeals.

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