The HAL room is a secret room that appears in a few Kirby games. They are also called HAL Arenas. This is only a curious thing; in Kirby games normally the "L" of HAL has the enemy Broom Hatter on it. The HAL room is only Star Blocks that form the word "HAL". However, in Kirby Super Star Ultra and Kirby's Return to Dream Land it gives you items.

How to FindEdit

Kirby's AdventureEdit

You must go to Vegetable Valley, Stage 2. Then you'll see the Warp Star. Don't touch it because if you touch it you can't go to the HAL room. try to make the Warp Star dissappear by moving the camera. When you see that the Warp
Star isn't there continue and you'll find the HAL room with a Broom Hatter.

Kirby Super Star UltraEdit

Play The Revenge of the King and go to Illusion Islands. Then you need to have the Hammer or Stone ability. When you see a button hit it with one of those abilities and you'll see a wall to the left. Enter the secret door and you'll fight with Mr. Tick Tock. When he is defeated
180px-HAL Room
continue and you see the HAL room. This HAL room gives you a Maxim Tomato, a 1-Up and an Invincible Candy.

Kirby's Return to Dream LandEdit

There are 2 HAL rooms. To find the first one go to Cookie Country, Stage 4. Then continue but when you see the door don't enter the door. Walk left and you'll see that there's no flower and a small door without stars replaced it. Enter and you'll see a lot of flowers. When you finish walking you'll see the HAL logo that gives you some
180px-KRtDL HAL2
stars and Ninja, Fighter, Wing and Hammer.

The second is in Egg Engines, Stage 5. There is a walking thing with some enemies there and it's also the next door but don't enter it. When all of those enemies fall down go up in the walking thing and then there's a door. Enter and you need to shoot Kirby with cannons to get some stars, a 1-up, and some food. Then when you reach the you'll see the HAL room there is a 1-up, some stars, a Maxim Tomato, and the abilities Whip, Water, Spear and Leaf.


If you didn't understand, check these.

Kirby's Return to Dreamland *HAL Rooms*03:18

Kirby's Return to Dreamland *HAL Rooms*

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Kirby Super Star Ultra HAL Room

Super Star Ultra HAL room

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Kirby's Adventure Secret HAL Room

Adventure HAL room

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