Hammer (Martillo in Spanish) is a very strong ability, probably the strongest. Just like Stone, it can pound down stakes, making them
about even in strength. It also appears in the anime, most notably, Dedede's Pet Threat. It's Hammer Flip attack. It can K.O. Whispy Woods in 3 hits in Kirby Super Star Ultra. Kirby has this ability during The True Arena's opening.

Transformation Edit

Hammer Kirby - Transformation00:15

Hammer Kirby - Transformation

Flavour TextsEdit

Kirby's Adventure: This weapon is very powerful. Use it on stubborn bad guys to clear your path!
Kirby Super Star: Break through solid obstacles and pound in stakes to take Kirby to hidden areas.
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land: Pound 'em to the ground! Pound pegs and break open new areas!
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror: Flatten your foes with these superspecial moves: → → + B ↑ + B
Kirby Squeak Squad: INSTANT K.O. It's almost unfair.
Kirby Super Star Ultra: This hammer packs a wallop! Punish stakes and blocks! When it's on fire, foes beware!
Kirby's Return to Dream Land: Wield the hammer of kings! Pulverize hard objects! Drive down stakes! Light it on fire and you've got the Hammer Flip technique!

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