Heartstar A heart star is a special item of Kirby's Dream Land 3 if you collect the 30 heart stars you'll be allowed to entrance to the level 6 (Hyper Zone) get the Love-Love Stick and finally destroy Dark Matter.

If Kirby and Gooey gets the 6 heart star from each level (ecept the level 6) those heart stars will go together and start to round when the boss is defeat and they will destroy Dark Matter's evil power of the level and this area will be fine again also if you entrance to a boss stage where all the 6 heart stars was collected the boss will do happy things because he is fine again. (Example: Ado paints consoles and somethings that are awesome or normal.)


  • The heart star changes their form like a heart, a star and a heart with peach color down.
  • If Kirby and Gooey finish a stage that already the heart star has been get Kirby will recieve a 1-Up.
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