Heavy Lobster is a Kirby character that appears in these media forms:

Super Star GamesEdit


Heavy Lobster is a boss. It seems to be created by Meta Knight, because it looks mechanical. It was created by NME in the anime though. It appears in Revenge of Meta Knight twice. The first time, the Halberd flies away halfway through the battle. The second time, Kirby finishes the battle, but that is not the last one.


In the anime, Meta Knight gets attacked by Heavy Lobster in the movie. Chef Kawasaki helps in the battle as well as Sword Knight and Blade Knight.


18 Heavy Lobster01:17

18 Heavy Lobster.wmv

Heavy Lobster's Theme

092 Heavy Lobster Theme00:46

092 Heavy Lobster Theme.wmv

A remix of Heavy Lobster's theme

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