Jumbo candy
Jumbo Candies (Caramelos Jumbo in Spanish) are the same as the Invensible Candy the 2 make you invensible but this makes your Kirbys big and invensible and the song is different whatever qhen your Kirbys are big you can destroy anything only touching it this is a useful item but it doesn't appears in many stages.


  • When the Kirbys has the effect of this candy they will change their color to green, blue, yellow, pink and purple.
  • When they have the effect their faces change like angry.
  • If a Kirby is KO before the other(s) took the candy and you save it the KO Kirby will be big like the other(s) but when the effect is over he will be blue.
  • When Kirbys have the candy effect they can blow away enemies and things like Treasure Chests, Keys etc. and they doesn't return until restart the level but if you blow away a door the door will return.
  • When you strike enemies with the candy effect their fruit will multiplicate and go to the Kirbys like a magnet but if the fruit is follow the Kirbys and the effect is over the fruit will stop and will dissapear in some seconds.
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