The Hero of Dream Land

Kirby is the protaganist in the Kirby series. He lives in a place called Dream Land, where he normally battles King Dedede. Kirby lives in a dome-shaped house. In the anime, it was given to him by Tiff. Kirby's voice is done by the female Makiko Ohmoto. Kirby has had some manga in different countries and starred in an educational video with Mario. Masahiro Sakurai had wanted Kirby pink and got his wish. It was not until the release of Kirby's Adventure that the US knew Kirby's true color. Kirby's specialty is inhaling enemies and copying their abilities (That means Copy Ability).


Unreleased Games Edit

  • Kirby's Air Ride 64 (canceled)
  • Kirby Adventure (canceled)
  • Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble 2 (canceled)
  • Kirby's Family (canceled)
  • Kid Kirby (canceled)


Kirby is a species known as gourmet as it says in Kirby Super Star Ultra's manual. Gourmet also means a person who studies food, but there is still a chance that his species is called "gourmet". If that isn't credible, than Kirby could be called a Kirby. He has gotten many different names such as puffball. It is sometimes thought that Kirby is Meta Knight's brother. There are others like Kirby in different colors like Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Brown, Purple, Shadow, and Green.


Kirby was created by NME to be a monster, but he was a rebel. Afterwards, he started training to be a Star Warrior and defeat NME; however, he was not trained. He could not even talk. This disappointed Meta Knight greatly since Kirby was supposed to be the one to defeat Nightmare and bring peace to the galaxy. As Kirby showed his amazing skills, people became more trusting and thought he would be the one to save the world. He befriended Tiff and Tuff in the first episode.