Dream course

Box Art

Kirby's Dream Course is the fourth game in the Kirby series and the first on SNES/Super Famicom. It was the first 3D Kirby game and in a way the sequel to Kirby's Adventure.

Release Dates Edit

Japan - September 21, 1994.

North America - February 1, 1995.

Europe - December 31, 1995.

Story Edit

Official story from the instruction booklet:

Once upon a time, on a little star, there was a small, peaceful country called Dream Land. The Dream Spring incident was over and the inhabitants of Dream Land returned to their normal, peaceful lives. Every day, they would eat delicious meals and take wonderful afternoon naps. There was no need to worry about anything since everything was so peaceful.

At night, everyone slept soundly as thousands of stars lit the sky and quietly stood watch over Dream Land. The stars, known for their beauty, became the pride and joy of everyone in Dream Land. One night,the inhabitants said to one another, "Let's gaze at the star-lit sky and have wonderful dreams tonight." However, when they gazed up into the sky, they noticed something was different. The sky was black. There wasn't a single star in sight. The next morning, they were very worried. Everyone became upset and asked each other, "What happened to the stars?" "Will we ever see them again?" Then, someone said, "Don't worry! Surely, the sky will be full of stars again!" However, the stars did not return that night, or the night after. Everyone in Dream Land became very sad.

How many nights have passed since they last saw the beautiful, star-lit sky? Every night, all they saw was the pitch black sky and no stars. Everyone was in a state of shock. They were so worried that they gradually stopped eating their delicious meals and no longer enjoyed having dreams. Their spirits were sinking fast. Eventually, laughter ceased in Dream Land.

Another dark, gloomy night loomed over Dream Land. All sorts of rumors had been spreading, and everyone was saying, "It looks like King Dedede is behind this." "I bet he's hogging all those beautiful stars for himself!" Could it be that King Dedede is indeed responsible for those missing stars?

If it's true, there's only one hero that can save the stars. Yes, that young hero is Kirby. He comes in with the spring breeze and saves Dream Land in times of crisis.

Kirby sets out for his long adventure to punish King Dedede once again and take back the stolen stars. Kirby heads for King Dedede's floating castle. The king has set up many traps for his castle. His servants each have a star and they wait for Kirby's arrival at the castle.

This adventure is full of new and amazing challenges. Good luck, Kirby!

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