Kirby's dream land 3
Kirby's Dream Land 3 was released on the SNES and is the sequel to Kirby's Dream Land 2. It features three new animal friends and makes Gooey a playable character rather than a health item.

Releases Dates Edit

Japan - March 27, 1998.

NA - November 27, 1997.

PAL - July 24, 2009. (Virtual Console)

Story Edit

Zero breaks the rings of Pop Star and tries to take over the planet. Kirby, Gooey, and six animal friends go on a quest to save Dream Land from the clutches of Dark Matter!

Gameplay Edit

Following Kirby's Dream Land 2's gameplay, Kirby can ride on animals that introduce new abilities. There is an unlimited amount of flying and inhaling. You can slide in this game, but it is a weak attack and takes two hits to kill enemies. A new ability, Clean, is introduced. Unlike Dream Land 2, there is a 2-player style of gameplay.

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