Kirby's dream land 3
This is by Hoshii no Kaabii. Contact me here: Talk. You can also leave questions in the comments.

There are Heart Stars that need to be collected in order to face Zero. This page will explain how to get them. There will be a person at the end of each level that gives the gem to you.

World 1 Edit

1-1 - Do not step on any flowers!

1-2 - Slap the green thing with Chuchu.

1-3 - You will have to win a minigame three times in a row. As long as you or your helper gets it right it counts. You will see a type of Gordo for a brief amount of time and then guess what it is after it goes away.

1-4 - You must have stone! After the room with the three Zebons, the green cannons, hit the barrier with the rock symbols, with stone of course. If you aren't on the lower level then you won't find the rock symbols. Fight the fire mid-boss and you will find a monkey in the next room. Collect it and finish the level.

1-5 - Get Kine and take him to the end of the level to his mother.

1-6 - Collect the three shapes in the room with the big tree. The circle and rectangle are on the right side and the triangle is on the left side.

Whispy Woods - Inhale the fruit and just spit it at him. When he chases you, just continue the process. He is by no means difficult.

World 2 Edit

2-1 - You need to have Clean and Pitch. There will be three rooms along the way that have sprouts in them. Throw the bubbles onto the sprouts to make them grow. DO NOT STEP ON THEM WHEN THEY HAVE GROWN!!!

2-2 - Have Parasol and go into the room with the parasol guy. Press and hold the button to make it spin. This will work best with Kine

2-3 - You will have to win a minigame three times in a row. An eel will go through different pots and you have to guess which pot it is in after it finishes showing itself.

2-4 - In the room that moves the screen upwards, there will be a door at the top. DON'T GO IN THE DOOR! There is a hidden door on the other side that you can see with Kine's light bulb. Battle Captain Stitch and take his ability. Use it in the next room and take the frog.

2-5 - Take Pitch to the end of the level.

2-6 - First let's discuss the Zebons.

  1. Top
  2. Bottom
  3. 2nd from top

Now to get the heart you go to the bext room and find an area with three doors. The bottom two lead to a room with many star blocks. The top one has a guide to how you need to destroy the star blocks. Dededestroy the blocks to make them the same shape.

Acro - Just keep jumping over him and inhaling the rocks he makes. Then spit them out at him. In the next phase you need to use your water gun to deflect the items back into him. You can also swallow them with Gooey to spit them out.

World 3 Edit

3-1 - Coming Soon

Game Guide

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