Kirby's Epic Yarn was originally going to be a game about Fluff alone. Then, as usual, Nintendo threw their characters right on top of it and this game was born.

Story Edit

Kirby is transported to Patch Land through a sock by Yin-Yarn, but not before Kirby sucks in a tomato that grants him special ablities in the world of yarn. Kirby soon saves Prince Fluff and learns that Patch Land has been split into pieces that the magic yarn needs to hold together. The duo sets off to find all of the magic yarn and put Patch Land back together again.

Gameplay Edit

The Wii remote is held sideways and uses the D-pad and the 1 ans 2 buttons for the main moves. You can yarn to unravel enemies and jump to get to different heights. There are also special transformations that Kirby and Prince Fluff can undergo to use new powers.

Reviews Edit

People have complained that there are no abilities and you can't die. Others love the originality, unique art style, great music, and new feel. There have been mixed reviews, but true fans of the Kirby series are excited with this release.

Levels and Bosses Edit

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