Kirby's Hurdle Race
Kirby's Hurdle Race is a mini-game from Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble. It's a race where Kirby jumps hurdles and need to do the best time possible.


At first Kirby is VS. the King Dedede. You need to press the "A" botton many times to make Kirby run, and jump shaking the console up. There's also a Waddle Dee with a flag in the left saying when you will run. If the player Press "A" before the Waddle Dee allow the race, the race will start again and if the player do the same mistake again 2 times in a row. The player will loose and the other character will win. At first if Kirby beats the King Dedede a Kirby ghost will appear in the other circuit running at the same speed as the player do in the past round. If you beat the Kirby ghost in the next round it will run more faster by your moves. When Kirby step in a hurdle, he falls and he loose all his speed but he can recover it.


  • In the title Kirby has a white bandanna that can be mean that Kirby will use one in the mini-game to run.
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