Sword Kirby

Sword Kirby


Kirby in Super Smash Bros Brawl

There are two Copy Abilites named Sword and Bomb. Kirby's hats he gets when he uses these Copy Abilites are very alike compared to Link's hat. Sword Kirby's hat is even the same colour, and Link uses a sword and bombs, so that's Kirby's one reference to Link.

Galaxia KirbyEdit

Kirby looks exactly the same as Sword Kirby, except Kirby uses Metaknight's sword. It was originally called Master Kirby, so that's a reference.

Super Smash Bros. BrawlEdit

Like the Kirby abilities, two of Link's attacks involve him using his sword and a bomb.

Anime Edit

In the Kirby Quiz, the Treaure Team's symbol looks like a blue rupee.

Bomb Kirby

Bomb Kirby

Kirby Super StarEdit

The Triforce is an unlockable in The Great Cave Offensive.

TriforceKSS Here it is.