Episode (US/JP) Title (US) Title (JP) Summary Ability Monster Guest Air Date (JP)
1/1 Kirby Comes to Cappy Town It's Here! The Pink visitor When a monster attacks Dream Land, a hero named Kirby comes to save it! Fire Octacon
2/2 A Blockbuster Battle Oh no! The Search for the Soldier's House Kirby needs a place to stay, but the King and Torkori make sure that doesn't happen. Stone Blocky
3/3 Kirby's Duel Role What! Battle With Sir Meta Knight?! Meta Knight has challenged Kirby to a duel! Sword Bugzzy
4/4 Dark and Stormy Knight Secret of the Star Warrior Kirby's biggest challenge awaits in the sky! Can he prove that he really is a warrior? Sword Kracko
5/5 Beware: Whispy Woods! Angry! Whispy Woods None
6/6 Un-Reality TV Check it out! Channel DDD None
7/7 Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure Revenge! Dynablade None
8/8 Curio's Curious Discovery Curio's Ancient Pupupu Civilization Stone
9/9 The Fofa Factor Lololo and Lalala Melody of Love Cutter
10/10 Hail to the Chief The Renewal of Police Chief Borun None
11/11 The Big Taste Test Court Chef Kawasaki Cook
12/15 Kirby's Pet Peeve Birth? Kirby's Little Brother? None
13/12 Escargoon Squad Ghost of Dedede Castle Fire, Parasol
14/14 The Pillow Case Face of the Dream Pillow Demon None
15/16 A Fish Called Kine The Fish Who Loved Me None
16/ A Fish Called Kine The Fish Who Loved Me Tornado
17/ The Thing About the Ring The Ring Story of Parm and Memu None
18/ Flower Power Pink Ball of the Sleeping Forest Needle, Sleep (Cameo)
19/ Here Comes the Son Knuckle Joe Arrives! Fighter, Needle
20/ Dedede's Snow Job Goodbye, Snowman Chilly Ice
21/ A Princess in Dis-Dress Princess Rona's Holiday Sword
23/ Island of the Lost Warrior An Old Soldier Never Dies Tornado
24/ The Empty Nest Mess Stray Dynababy None
25/ Ninja Binge Visiting Ninja, Benikage! Ninja
26/ Escargoon Rules Escargon, in Mother's Eyes Parasol
27/ Hour of the WolfWrath Loyalty! Sword and Blade Galaxia
28/ The Flower Plot Whispy Woods Falls in Love Cutter
29/13 Cappy New Year Pupu Village's Year-End Fireworks Party Ice
30/ The Hot Shot Chef Burning Hot! Family Restaurant War Cook
31/ Hatch me if You Can Kirby's Mysterious Egg Fire
32/ Abusement Park Viva! Welcome to Dede-Vegas Mike
33/ A Dental Dilema A Ridiculous Toothless Story Tornado
34/ Junk Jam What?! The Universe's Dumping Grounds Fire Fire Lion
35/ A Recipe for Disaster Ultimate Iron Man: Cook Oosoka Cook
36/ The Kirby Derby - Part 1 The Glorious Pupupu Grand Prix - Part 1 None
37/ The Kirby Derby - Part 2 The Glorious Pupupu Grand Prix - Part 2 Wheel
38/ Watermelon Felon Crush DededeWide in the Afternoon! None
39/ A Novel Approach Read it! The Wondrous Million-Seller Clean Broom King
40/ Escar-Gone Forgotten Escargon None
41/ Monster Management Demon Hunter Knuckle Joe! Fighter Masher
42/ Prediction Predicament - Part 1 Mabel's Big Prediction - Part 1 Fire
43/ Prediction Predicament - Part 2 Mabel's Big Prediction - Part 2 None
44/ Sheepwrecked The Sheep's Rebellion Needle
45/ War of the Woods Whispy Woods' Friend: Acore Cutter
46/ Scare Tactics - Part 1 Midsummer Night's Scream! - Part 1 None
47/ Scare Tactics - Part 2 Midsummer Night's Scream! - Part 2 Fire
48/ Pink-Collar Blues Come Home, Dear Waddle Dee Stone
49/ Cartoon Buffoon New Anime Series: Dedede of the Stars None
50/ Tourist Trap Pupupu Land Sightseeing Tour Fire, Ice
51/ Kirby Takes the Cake Sentimental Kirby Bomb
52/ Don't Bank on It Save up! Cursed Bank None
53/ Snack Attack - Part 1 Demonic Chocolate Capsules! - Part 1 None
54/ Snack Attack - Part 2 Demonic Chocolate Capsules! - Part 2 Fighter
55/ One Crazy Knight Over-the-top Knight! Quixano Mirror
56/ Sweet & Sour Puss Dedede's Certain Love Needle
57/ A Half-Baked Battle Those Who Laugh at Pie, Cry in Pie! Bomb Belly Buster
58/ Dedede's Pet Threat Selfish Pet, Scarfy Hammer Scarfy
59/ ENeMeE Elementary Demon Teacher Punishment Service Fighter
60/ Crusade for the Blade Sacred Sword Galaxia! Sword, Galaxia
61/ The Meal Moocher Smash-Hit Program Direct Hit! Dinnertime Cook
62/ Fitness Fiend Fatastrophy! Snack Junkie Mike
63/ Mabel Turns the Tables It's Only Fortune Telling, Nothing Serious Tornado
64/ Something to Sneeze At The Bitter Cold of December Mini (Cameo)
65/ Masher 2.0 Knuckle Joe Escaped! Fighter Masher 2.0
66/ The Chill Factor The Wandering Pengi Ice
67/ The Kirby Quiz New Year Kirby Quiz Show Ice, Stone, Fire, Mike, Cook, Tornado, Needle, Galaxia, Sword (All of the abilities from the previous episodes).
68/ The School Scam Demon Teacher 2 Fighter MT2
69/ Delivery Dilemma Knockout! Delivery Era Jet
70/ Trick or Treck The Eco Tour of Whispy Woods Tornado
71/ Bucaaneer Birdy The Legend of Lord Tokkori Mirror
72/ A Whale of a Tale Glued! Whale-Watching None
73/ Waddle While You Work Waddle Dees for Sale None
74/ Dedede's Raw Deal Turn! Revolving Sushi Spark Squishy
75/ Caterpillar Thriller Revenge of Mosugaabaa! None
76/ Fossil Fools - Part 1 Dream of a Dinosaur Paradise! - Part 1 None
77/ Fossil Fools - Part 2 Dream of a Dinosaur Paradise! - Part 2 Crash
78/ Dedede's Monsterpiece Royal AcaDededemy Paint
79/ Right Hand Robot Launch! Robo-Escargon Bomb
80/ Goin' Bonkers Bad Bonkers! Hammer
81/ Power Ploy Robust! Drink Rhapsody Stone
82/ A Trashy Tale Startling! The Untidy Woman Clean
83/ Cooking Up Trouble Combining Robot Ryourigaa Z! Spark
84/ Mumbies Madness Mr. Curio's Secret Treasure Bomb
85/ A Sunsational Surprise Mysterious Ultraviolet Rays! Jet, Bomb
86/ A Chow Challenge Apprentice Showdown! Cook Nagoya Cook
87/ Waste Management Attack! Selfish Crow Army Wing
88/ Shell-Shocked Naked Escargon Hammer
89/ Tooned Out Geek Anime! Fumu-tan of the Stars Spark
90/ Born to be Mild - Part 1 Blast run! Dedede's Race - Part 1 None
91/ Born to be Mild - Part 2 Blast run! Dedede's Race - Part 2 Wheel
92/ Hunger Struck Waddle Dee's Great Food Cultural Revolution Cook
93/ D'Preciation Day Kirby Appreciation Day! Parasol
94/ Cowardly Creature Escaped Demon Beast PhanPhan Throw
95/ Frog Wild Devil Kirby! Fire
96/ Air-Ride-in-Style - Part 1 Crisis of the Warpstar - Part 1 None
97/ Air-Ride-in-Style - Part 2 Crisis of the Warpstar - Part 2 Baton, Water, Top, Iron
98/ Cappy Town Down Launch! Battleship Halberd Crash
99/ Combat Kirby Destruction! Nightmare's Huge Fortress Ice, Cook
100/ Fright to the Finish Fly! Kirby of the Stars Bomb, Fire, Star Rod
Pilot Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Pilot Kirby of the Stars Pilot This is the early version of the anime. Spark, Ice
Special Kirby 3D Take it Down! The Crustacean Demon Beast Ebizou A new monster has been ordered and it is cold. Kirby must stop him in this 3D episode. Kabuki, Fire Lobzilla /Ebizou
Future ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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