Freezing Freeze: Kirby creates a shield made of icy wind around him to freeze rivals and enemies.
Tornado Tornado: Kirby can spin and make a windy shield that blows away enemies and rivals. (The rivals will spin out of control).
Wheel speed Wheel: Makes your machine go faster like 29.18phm and if you touch a rival or enemy you will cause it damage.
Needly Needle: Kirby turns more harmful and his needles became more big and strong if you press "A".
Firely Fire: Kirby can throw fire balls to enemies or rivals if he fails the fire ball will stay in the floor sometime to burn someone who pass there it can also attack in the back because the fire is also in the back of the machine causing some damage.
Swordy Sword: Kirby attacks rivals or enemies automaticaly if he is nearby of one he do 3 powerful attacks then he do it again but he stop a little.
Sleepy kirby Sleep: If you have this ability rumble the lever Kirby will woke up but meanwhile he is sleeping he can't do nothing but if a rival or enemy gets close the rival sleeps as Kirby and the enemy will blow away.
MikyMike: In this game he only sings 1 time but it cause many damage and blow away enemies and rivals.
Air Ride PlasmaPlasma: Charge shacking the lever to do a powerful electric attack and destroy enemies and damaging rivals.
Air ride bombBomb: Beware! This can hurt you too charge with the "A" and then throw the bomb the explosion will be so big and harmful for you, enemies and rivals.
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