KCC missile ability Missile: Kirby turns into a missile/rocket. Meanwhile he's a missile/rocket he can fly, if he crashes with a wall, the missile/rocket will explote and Kirby returns to normal again. Also when it explote and an enemy touches the explotion it will be burned and destroyed. If he crashes with a enemy the missile/rocket will continue its way and the enemy will be destroyed. To control the missile/rocket you need to draw lines at the direction you want the missile/rocket go.
KCC freeze ability Freeze: Kirby turns into a blue color and a shield of icy wind will be around him. The icy wind freezes the enemies turning them into ice cubes. Kirby also went more faster when he is using the attack.
KCC needle ability Needle: Kirby turns into a yellow spiky ball when he attacks. The spiky Kirby ball can get stucked when he touches a wall, to unstuck him just click Kirby and he will return to normal. Also he goes more faster when he is a spiky ball.
KCC wheel ability Wheel:

Kirby turns into a fast wheel who destroys very easy the enemies when he touch them. You can draw lines to make wheel Kirby turn he's direction. If Kirby crashes in a wall he will return back to normal and he also will turn to the other direstion.

Example: He is continue in the right when he is wheel, and he crashes and now he go to the left.

KCC tornado ability Tornado: Kirby turns into a mini-tornado who destroy every enemy he touch. Click Kirby and he will jump while he is a tornado.
KCC beam ability Beam: Kirby do a mini-dash and he attacks with a lighting whip. Click Kirby and hold it to make Kirby stop in whatever place he is and while he is stop he's still attacking with the lighting whip. The lighting whip turns into another direction when he crashes with a wall.
KCC burning ability Burning: Kirby turns into a fast fire ball who burn and destroy enemies when he touches 'em. Also it can destroy lines that you draw.
KCC spark ability Spark: When Kirby attacks he do a dash and he will be covered in a few seconds with electricidy. Also he throws a thunder up. When the electric power is turning up, the enemies still went damaged. Whn the electric power turns complety off the enemies won't be hurted and can hurt Kirby.
KCC crash ability Crash: Kirby starts jumping randomly in all the screen attacking all the enemies that are in the screen. The ability can be used just 1 time.
KCC balloon ability Balloon: Kirby turns into a balloon. You can make balloon Kirby grow more clicking him 3 times, at the 4 Kirby will explote and return to normal paralizating the nearby enemies. It also bounces a lot if he crashes with a wall or touches a line that you draw. Kirby doesn not looses this ability if he is hurted when he's still a balloon.
KCC stone ability Stone: Kirby turns into a stone who is invensible at whatever attack. When he turns into it, it'll still move a little but too slow. It slides in peak ways and you can move Stone Kirby with lines.
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