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The Kirby Dance (Baile de Kirby in spanish) is a dance when Kirby do something good. He can dance by: defeat a boss, complete the game, finish a level, finish a goal game, etc. In most of Kirby games he do it or the song is just heared. Kirby can also dance with a Helper or an Animal Friend. Also in some Kirby games, Kirby do the dance with other Kirbys and when it dones the other Kirbys will disappear and the original will just stop.

In GamesEdit

Kirby's Dream LandEdit

Kirby do the dance when he defeat the boss of the level where he was. But before Kirby dances he need to get/touch the star that appears when the boss is defeat. When he is nearly to start other 2 Kirbys appear and dance with him. Then the other 2 vanish when Kirby go to the next level.

Kirby's AdventureEdit

Kirby dances when he ends the extra game or defeat a boss of a level. As in Kirby's Dream Land to do the dance he needs to get/touch the star rod piece. 3 Kirbys will dance

Kirby's Pinball LandEdit

Kirby do the dance defeating the boss and getting the key of the screen when the boss is defeated. 3 Kirbys will appear to dance. They dance in the air.

Kirby's Dream CourseEdit

Kirby dances when he finish all the holes of the level. 3 Kirbys dance. Also in the multi-player mode if Keeby beats Kirby, Keeby is the one who will dance with 2 copies of him.

Kirby's AvalancheEdit

Kirby doesn't dance. When he beats the King Dedede he gets the trophy and the song of the dance can be heared.

Kirby's Dream Land 2Edit

He makes the dance when he ends the goal game. Depending where he lands the song will be normal or recorted. Kirby can also dance with an animal friend, and when he defeats a boss 2 other Kirbys will appear to dance with Kirby. (And maybe his animal friend).

Kirby's Block BallEdit

He dances with other 2 Kirbys when he ends a level and the score is seen.

Kirby's Star StackerEdit

When he finish all the levels of a difficulty a Warp Star comes and travel Kirby into a place where he dances with other 2 Kirbys.

Kirby Super StarEdit

He dances when he does those things:

  • When he beats a boss and take the star.
  • When he finish a goal game.
  • When he gets a star in Milky Way Wishes.

He can dance with other 2 Kirbys and a helper.

Kirby's Dream Land 3Edit

He just dances in that game defeating the boss of the level where he is. Gooey can dance with Kirby too.

Kirby no Kira Kira KizzuEdit

He do a mini-dance when he beats a rival. Or when he plays the star stacker mode and finish it as Kirby's Star Stacker.

Kirby Tilt 'n' TumbleEdit

He dances finishing a level. 3 stars appear and then the 3 stars turn into 3 Kirbys to dance.

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream LandEdit

Same as Kirby's Adventure.

Kirby & the Amazing MirrorEdit

Kirby dances when he defeat a boss and take a mirror piece. Depending how many Kirbys are, The dance will be diferent. If it's just 1, the dance will be normal as other games. If there are 2, the 2 Kirbys will dance together and finish with a pose. When there are 3 everyone dance together and finish with a great pose. And when there are 4, the Red Kirby and the Pink Kirby will dance together, and the Yellow Kirby and the Green Kirby will dance together. But the final pose is with the 4 Kirbys.

Kirby Canvas CurseEdit

When Kirby ends the goal game. He starts bousing like dancing. He can't dance as other games because he turned into a ball. So 5 Kirbys will be in the up screen dancing.

Kirby Squeak SquadEdit

This depends how many Treasure Chests Kirby found. If he found 0 he just will do the short dance. If he gets 1, 1 Kirby will dance the large dance one. If he found 2, 2 Kirbys will dance the large dance one. And with 3, the 3 will do the large dance one.

Kirby Super Star UltraEdit

He do the same as Kirby Super Star. But if you complete the game at the 100% clear. Kirby will do a show where he dances.

Kirby's Epic YarnEdit

Kirby dances after the bell of the goal game stops. The Prince Fluff will dance with Kirby too. Even if you are playing with just 1 player.

Kirby's Return to Dream LandEdit

Kirby can do the dance by:

  • Defeating a boss
  • Finishing the goal game
  • Clearing the game at the 100% clear for a video as Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Kirby's Dream CollectionEdit

He do the dance normal when he play:

In Super Smash Bros. SeriesEdit

In all of them. Kirby dances when he wons a battle.


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