KMA KirbyQuest
This is a Sub-Game of Kirby Mass Attack. To unlocked it you need to get at least 50 Medals.


You need to KO enemies in the game to go to other stage you'll start with one Kirby then down you'll see a botton with the word "NOW" you need to press it when the yellow thing is in a color the colors are: Red, Orange and Pink those are the good ones but the black can hurt you whatever if you press the "NOW" When it's red you do a "good" attack, the orange a "great" attack, the pink a "awesome" attack and the black a "missed" attack when you KO all the enemies of one stage you'll win exp. points and get more Kirbys to get more power.


When you beat enemies you'll win EXP. points to get more Kirbys and do more damage to enemies you can have only 10 Kirbys in the battle if you get the 10 and you get more EXP. points is like a bonus to get more points if you do a "Game Over" you'll the half if you decided to continue and if you don't KO a enemy or enemies in one hit the EXP. points will go down like this: x2.0, x1.5, x1.0 and x0.5 if you don't KO a enemy in one hit but you need to have more Kirbys the EXP wouldn't go down.
Kirby quest instrution


This only happen when you press "NOW" in the black color the enemy(ies) will do an attack and turn your Kirbys blue when they're blue they can't attack it's like be stunned and the power will go down to until the Kirbys recover to recover them you need to do a "awesome" (pink) attack and they will return to normal.

Kirby's AttacksEdit

"Good" AttacksEdit

Those happen when you press "NOW" in the red way.

  • The Kirbys punch their foes in the face causing 20 of damage.
  • The Kirbys start shacking and then jump cauising a little quake and 25 of damage.
  • The Kirbys use a move as Fighter that cause 30 of damage.
  • The Kirbys do a stampede and run to the enemies causing 20 of damage.
  • Some or only one of the Kirbys go at backs of the enemies and use a hammer to punch they causing 20 of damage.

"Great" AttacksEdit

All of those attacks are a Copy Ability. And happen when you press "NOW" in the orange way.

  • The Kirbys put his hat of Laser ability and throw a charge laser as Kirby Squeak Squad with his special Ability Scroll causing 50 of damage.
  • The Kirbys jump to the enemies and start to spin as Tornado ability causing 45 of damage.
  • The Kirbys turn into wheels as Wheels ability causing 40 of damage.
  • The Kirbys randomly go to a foe and take a hammer as hammer ability then they crash the enemies with the hammer causing 80 of damage.

"Awesome" AttacksEdit

All of those attacks cause 100 damage (ecept of the Galaxia sword) and it incremet with more Kirbys.

  • Dyna Blade comes to the battle and attack the enemies.
  • Kirby uses his Kabuki ability.
  • A Kirby eats the Spicy Curry and he blow fire to burn their enemies.
  • A Kirby rides in a Tankbot and crash with the enemies to attack them.
  • A Kirby calls a Gator stampede to attack the enemies.
  • Kirby rides on a item and a dragon follows him crashing enemies and causing damage to them.
  • When Kirby beats Galaxia (in the last level) he get it and if he does a "awesome" attack a Kirby will use the galaxia power causing 9999 of damage KO the enemy super easy.


  • Some Kirby: Right Back at Ya! enemies will appear in bonus levels or attacking Kirby.
  • The yellow thing that helps you to press the "NOW" will go faster and faster when you finish a level if you failed and press "NOW" when is in the black this thing will go slower (some) again.
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