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Kirby no Kirakira Kizzu is a Kirby game only released in Japan. It translates to Kirby's Super Star Stacker. It is just like Kirby's Star Stacker, but you actually go against somebody.

Release Date Edit

Japan - November 30, 1997.

Play ModesEdit

  • History Mode: Help Mr. Star to recover their stars to return to the space.
  • Challenge Mode: Is basically the same as Kirby's Star Stacker, but the musics are like a remix.
  • Time Attack Mode: The same as Kirby's Star Stacker. You have 3m. to stack many stars as you can.
  • King Dedede Mode (That's not their official name): In this mode you need to beat King Dedede. But no as a normal round. He will have HP and you need to stack stars to do his HP go down.

Example: He has 5 HP, you need to stack 5 or more stars to defeat him and you will go to the next level.

  • Multi-player Mode: You can play with a friend. First the 2 need to select a name (as a mini-file). When the 2 select their names they need to select the level of difficulty that they want (as Kirby's Avalanche). Then they need to select the level of rounds to win. And finally select their character to play.

The avaible characters are:

Story ModeEdit

Note: The history mode isn't the 100% true or it can have the same stuff but with a different explain.

One day in the space, a star called Mr. Star was flying around. In Dream Land the King Dedede was bored with nothing to do... Then, he saw Mr. Star flying very happy. King Dedede feels envy about Mr. Star's happiness and he shot something to him. Mr. Star was shoted and he fall to Dream Land. The shot also broke Mr. Star in mini stars. Meanwhile he was falling... Kirby was walking around in Dream Land and Mr. Star fall into Kirby's head. When Mr. Star and Kirby woke up, Mr. Star say to Kirby what happened and Kirby decided to help him to recover their stars with help with Coo, Rick and Kine.

Before reading the story mode. You will find in order: Parasol Waddle Dee, Poppy Bros Jr., Lovely, Knuckle Joe, Chef Kawasaki, Meta Knight and King Dedede. Beat all of them. Each one has a star that Mr. Star loose. To recover it you need to with at the first time all those enemies to get Mr. Star's stars if you don't win at the first time one of those enemies. You need to try again or you can't fight with Grill or do the 100% clear in the history mode.

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