Kracko is a boss enemy that has appeared in just about every Kirby game. He is able to create Waddle Doos for some reason. This could be because he uses a Revolution Beam-like attack, but that did not appear until Kirby's Return to Dream Land. There have also been Kracko-like enemies in Zelda games.

Other Versions Edit

Anime Edit

He appears in episode 4 of the anime (A Dark and Stormy Knight). He is stronger than any of the other monsters Kirby has faced, according to Meta Knight. This is the first time that Tiff calls Kabu for the Warp Star. Even though Kirby inhales lightning, he gets Sword Kirby.

Theme Edit

Kirby Right Back at Ya 4Kids Unreleased Soundtrack Kracko's Theme02:20

Kirby Right Back at Ya 4Kids Unreleased Soundtrack Kracko's Theme

By the amazing Vaati the Wind Demon

This is amazing. No opinion can change that fact. It was redone by Vaati the Wind Demon. Credit goes to him. If you think it is awesome, give him thanks. Also see Kirby Right Back at Ya! Music.

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