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Link is the protaganist of the Zelda series. There are different Links around Hyrule at different time periods. He fights to save Hyrule from the evil Ganondorf and to protect the Triforce. Though the series is called The Legend of Zelda, the games all contain Link but not all contain Zelda. This is because Zelda was supposed to be the hero and save Link.

Link's name means that all of the games are linked in some way. The Master Sword is a key item in some of the games as well as some other popular swords. Link always finds items to help him in his quests. Some of the Links get their own titles such as the Hero of Time and the Hero of Winds.

Although Link is a child in the majority of the games, his adult form has gotten more popularity and causes fans to dislike the young forms. The adult form is starting to appear more because of that.

Games Edit

  • The Legend of Zelda - Young Link
  • The Adventure of Link - Adult Link
  • A Link to the Past -Young Link
  • Link's Awakening - Adult Link
  • Ocarina of Time - Young Link and Adult Link
  • Majora's Mask - Young Link
  • Oracle Games -Young Link
  • Four Swords - Four Young Toon Links
  • The Wind Waker - Young Toon Link
  • Four Swords Adventures- Four Young Toon Links
  • The Minish Cap - Young Toon Link
  • Twilight Princess - Adult Link
  • Phantom Hourglass - Young Toon Link
  • Spirit Tracks - Young Toon Link
  • Skyward Sword - Adult Link
  • A Link Between Worlds - Young Link
  • Tri Force Heroes - Young Link
  • Breath of the Wild - Adult Link

The Legend of Zelda Edit

Link starts out his journey to save Hyrule at age twelve. Zelda was kidnapped by Ganon and shattered the Triforce of Wisdom for Link to retrieve. Link saves Zelda and the
Triforce of Wisdom by killing Ganon.

The Adventure of Link Edit

Link is a little older, about fifteen, and is ready for his next journey to save Zelda from eternal slumber. Ganon's minions want Link's blood so that they could bring Ganon back to life, so Link becomes more vigilant.


A Link to the Past Edit

Link starts out as an average kid living with his uncle until they go to save Zelda from Agahnim. His uncle dies and Link takes the challenge to protect Zelda. After she is captured, Link uses his newfound Master Sword to try to defeat the evil wizard. He is sent to the Dark World and takes on the next challenge to stop the plans of the evil ones. Strangely, Link's sprite has pink hair. Even more strange, he is a bunny in his Dark World

Link's Awakening Edit

Link is stranded on Koholint Island and can only escape if he defeats the evil there. Upon defeating the evil, Link realizes that the island was just some weird dream world and appears floating on a piece of wood in the water. He mistakes Marin for Zelda at the beginning.


Ocarina of Time Edit

Link starts out as a Kokiri kid and is friends with Saria. His enemy is Mido. The Great Deku Tree summons him to let him know about his quest to find the Spiritual Stones and Zelda.
After reaching Hyrule, Link learns that he must find the stones to stop the evil man Ganondorf. After finding the stones, Link returns to the castle to open the Door of Time. Zelda entrusts him with the Ocarina of Time as she escapes from Ganondorf. Upon opening the door, he pulls the Master Sword. However, he is too young to be the Hero of Time and falls into a deep sleep for seven years.

Once Link wakes up, he learns that he has to awaken the sages to get to Ganondorf's Castle in the cursed land of Hyrule. In the final battle, he either dies, slays the beast and goes back in time to live his seven lost years, or slays the beast and continues time regualarly.

In Ocarina of Time 3D, the only addition to Link is the strap that goes along his chest.

Majora's Mask Edit

This is the same Link from Ocarina of Time. Even though he has no need to, Link, out of his kindness, decides to save Termina and help the Happy Mask Salesman. He has the strap across his tunic in the Nintendo 64 version, an addition from Ocarina of Time.

Oracle Games Edit

Link ends up in a different world in need of help. He meets Din or Nayru and dances or
sings with them. Then something goes terribly wrong and Link has to go on his quest. He doesn't show much emotion at all and it makes it hard to know what he is thinking.

Four Swords Edit

Link is apparently good friends with Zelda or has a backstory of being a hero, as she trusts him to check on the Four Sword with her. He is split up into four Links and has to save Zelda from Vaati.


It is said that Link is Hylian, although he is thought to be something else at the beginning of some games. He was believed to be a Kokiri at the beginning of Ocarina of Time.

In The Wind Waker, as well as some of the other titles, Link is shown in a toon form. Toon Link is unlockable in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. He actually is named Toon Link. Toon Link is known as Wind Waker Link by some fans.Link is the hero of time and he has the try force on his hand in Wind Waker he sales ocros the seas so he can safe Zelda from Ganondorf took Zelda so he can have the try force for himself how roud.