Golden Leaves. Richard left five of these behind in the palace, and if you find all of them, he will give you the Key
Golden leaf
to Key Cavern. This guide was made by Jaylebyrd and he would appreciate it if nobody else edited it without his permission.


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First LeafEdit

Just outside Kanalet Castle, go left, then up. You will reach an area with a crow in a tree. Use your Power Gloves to pick up a rock, then throw it at the tree with the crow in it. The crow will attack you, and when you kill it, it will drop the first golden leaf.

Second LeafEdit

Outside Kanalet Castle again, go right, then up. you will be in an area with holes. A guy will pop out of the holes and throw bombs at you, so stay right near the entrance. When the man pops out of one of the three holes closest to you, run over to them and slash at the man. When you kill him, he will drop the second golden leaf.

Third LeafEdit

When you enter Kanalet Castle, go left. Kill the two blue knights and the slime, and the third golden leaf will appear.

Fourth LeafEdit

Navigate through Kanalet Castle and go upstairs. Bomb the knight picture on the left, and a blue knight will appear. Kill it to get the fourth golden leaf.

Fifth LeafEdit

Navigate through Kanalet Castle until you reach the top balcony. Go through the entrance to a room with a blocked door and pots. The first pot on the right contains a heart, whereas the enclosed pot on the left contains a bomb. Throw a pot at the blocked door, and it will open. Defeat the knight with the ball and chain to get the final golden leaf!

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