"Goron Link" redirects here. For Link as a Goron, see Goron Mask.

Link of the Gorons
Link of the Gorons is a child Goron found in the future in Ocarina of Time. He is Darunia's son and one of the five Gorons not captured by Ganondorf to be fed to Volvagia, alongside Darunia, Goron Shop Owner, Medigoron, and Biggoron, respectively. His name isn't actually Link, but whatever the player chooses to name Link at the start of the journey.

Importance in the GamesEdit

He rolls around where Hot Rodder was in the past. When you throw a bomb at him, he will mistake you for one of Ganondorf's goons and say that he is [player name], Hero of the Gorons. After you talk to him, he starts crying because all of the Gorons have been captured by a dragon. After asking him about the dragon and the Gorons, a secret entrance to Death Mountain Crater appears in Darunia's Chamber. Go through here to reach the Fire Temple.

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