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There are 52 Pieces of Heart throughout the game. Some are obvious, while others will make you frustrated. This is made by Hoshii no Kaabii, the number one Majora's Mask fan. It should be done by Sunday the 18th. See the mask guide if you don't have the right masks for these things.

Clock TownEdit

  1. In the Stock Pot Inn, give the land title deed to the hand in the toilet.
  2. Beat the Deku Playground all three days.
  3. Beat the Honey and Darling games all three days.
  4. Listen to the old lady in Stock Pot Inn for both stories. The first one you have to answer correctly.
  5. The second question you must not answer it correctly.
  6. There is a very obvious piece on the clock tower that you almost have to get.
  7. Go into the Mayor's Office while wearing the Couple's Mask.
  8. Dance for the Rosa Sisters with the Kamaro's Mask on. This only happens at night.
  9. Get a perfect score of 50 on the Octorok Shooting game.
  10. Go to the Treasure Chest building and play the game as a Goron. The chest will have a Piece of Heart.
  11. Go to the Postman's house when he's not working and play his game. It is easier with the Bunny Hood.
  12. Go to a mail box with the Postman's Hat.
  13. Beat the Expert Course in the Sword Master's School.
  14. Put 5,000 rupees in the bank.
  15. There is a tree in North Clock Town with a Piece of Heart on top.

Termina FieldEdit

  1. There are four holes in Termina Field with four Gossip Stones in each. Play a song in each one with the proper combo. Deku + Sonata of Awakening, Goron + Goron Lullaby, or Zora + New Wave Bossa Nova.
  2. Near the swamp, there is a hidden hole with butterflies over it, go in and kill the Peahat.
  3. There is a hole near the mountain area that has Dodongos that must be killed.
  4. There is a rock near the ocean that you need to blow up to reveal a hole. Shoot the correct beehive.
  5. Use the telescope to look at a Buisness Scrub until he goes in a hole. Go in the hole and bargian with him.

Title DeedsEdit

  1. Give the land title deed to the Deku in the swamp. Use the flower to reach the item.
  2. Give the swamp title deed to the Deku in the mountain. Use the flower to reach the item.
  3. Give the mountain title deed to the Deku in Lulu's room. Use the flower to reach the item. Wait, what?
  4. Give the ocean title deed to the Deku in Ikana. Use the flower to reach the item.


  1. On the road to the swamp, climb up the tree.
  2. On the road to the swamp, beat the shooting gallery with 2000+ points. You might have to do it twice.
  3. Take a picture of the Deku King or Tingle and turn it in to the Photo Contest Manager.
  4. There is a treasure chest in Woodfall on the last island.
  5. After Odolwa is defeated, play the witche's shooting game with a score of 20. 10 hits on her ends the game.
  6. There is one on the left part in Deku Palace.


  1. Get all of the frogs to go to the mountains using Don Gero's Mask and conduct them. Goht must be dead.
  2. Make the Scarecrow's Song and go to the road to Snowhead with the ramps. There are invisible platforms. You have to have the Hookshot to hook on to the scarecrow. The song resets when you go back in time.
  3. There is a chest underwater that you can get with the Zora Mask if Goht is dead.


  1. Use the Mask of Truth at the Doggy Racetrack to find the best dog and bet in a lot of rupees. 50 is the minimum for the Heart Piece, but you'll have to get first if you only bet in this much.You have to win 150+ rupees to get the bundle of 150+ rupees and the Piece of Heart.

Great BayEdit

  1. Get four fish or more and feed the red fish in the lab.
  2. Beat the beavers again even after getting the bottle.
  3. Along the wall in the west side of the Great Bay Coast where the many high platforms are, you need to plant a magic bean on the easternmost platform, water it, and use the scarecrow to get the Piece of Heart that is in the treasure chest. You need the Hookshot.
  4. In the Skulltula House, talk to all of the stalchildren with the Captian's Hat and get the code. Use that code in the proper room.
  5. After Gyorg is dead, a boat will appear that takes you to an island with the fisherman on it. Get 20 points.
  6. In the sewer-like passage to the main area of Pirate's Fortress, there is a switch that opens a cage with a Piece of Heart. To get from the switch to the cage in time, use the Goron Mask or Bunny Hood.
  7. Kill the Like Like under the waterfall near the beaver's place.
  8. Take a picture of a Gerudo Pirate's whole body and give it to the fisherman who will reward you with a sea horse. Beat all of the sea snakes and it will reunte with its friend. The Stone Mask is useful for taking the picture.
  9. Play a special song for Evan using regular Link. You could go through the trouble to learn it, but why bother when I'll tell you how to play it? C-Right, C-Right, C-Down, A, A, C-Down, C-Right, A, C-Left, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, C-Down.


  1. Go to the Graveyard the second night and tell the stalchildren to break the grave. Get the prize insde.
  2. There is a room where you have to battle the Poe Sisters in a fight to the death. Beat them.
  3. Beat the Secret Shrine which is west in the water when you enter the area.
  4. Outside of Ikana Castle, get the Piece of Heart that is on the pillar using Deku Link.


  1. Answer his questions correclty.

The MoonEdit

  1. Get the obvious Piece of Heart in the Odolwa room.
  2. Do a lot of rolling in the Goht room and figure it out yourself!
  3. Go through the waterways in these directions; left, left, right, left.
  4. It will be partway through this area. It's important to mention that Bombchus are required in this area, but not for the Piece of Heart.
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