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Odolwa Edit


When you think you have the chance, spin into him with Deku Link. This should stun him, enabling you to hit him with your sword. For noobs, take the Deku Mask off to use your sword. If moths surround you, use bombs or the Blast Mask to kill them. Not much else I can say.

Goht Edit


Chase him around as a Goron and keep rolling into him. Dodge the obstacles and continue. If you land on his back, he will fall to the ground, giving you the chance to punch him. Alternatively you can shoot him with fire arrows, but this is not the best way.

Gyorg Edit

Many call this the hardest Zelda boss of all time. I call it a super easy boss that is not difficult at all. Here's how. Shoot Gyorg with an arrow or the Zora fins to stun him. Arrows are better. When he is stunned, sink to the bottom and use the electric attack as the Zora and swim away after he has been hurt. Dolphin jump onto the platform to escape him. You could just climb up if you're not good at dolphin jumping, but you are at risk. Stay near the center of the platform to make sure he doesn't knock you off and jump out of the way whenever he jumps at you. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TARGET HIM.

Twinmold Edit

Slap on that Giant's Mask and slash the heads and tails. If you're running low on magic, hit the pillars and shrink back down to collect jars. If you already ran out of magic, hope that a moldorm hits a pillar near you. I's nearly impossible to beat them without the Giant's Mask.

Majora Edit

Slap on that Fierce Deity Mask! Wait. You're telling me you don't have it? Oh no. Well then use your arrows and slice him with your sword. It's a pretty easy boss battle if you have the Fierce Deity Mask, or without it.

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