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Meta-Knights: Sailor Dee, Ax Knight, Mace Knight and Captain Vul

The Meta-Knights are a band of warriors lead by Meta Knight. Together, they planned to take over Dream Land with the Halberd in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra in the sub-game Revenge of Meta Knight. They also appeared in Kirby's Adventure and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land to attempt to stop Kirby.



Meta Knight

The leader of the Meta-Knight's, Meta Knight. He apparently had the Battleship Halberd designed in his favor, considering how it looks. He has commanded his soldiers to attack Kirby, yet in most cases they're allied.


Captain Vul

He's obsessed with destroying Kirby. Throughout Revenge Of Meta Knight, he attempts to kill Kirby, but that backfires and he ends up destroying his own ship. He is the first to escape the Halberd.


Sailor Dee

Clearly the more timid of the crew. He doesn't speak very often. At one point, though, he mentioned the reactor's weakness, and thus it was destroyed. He stayed with Meta Knight even after the other Meta-Knights ecaped the doomed Halberd. He makes a cameo in Kirby Mass Attack, where he cheers on Meta Knight along with Bandanna Waddle Dee.


Mace Knight

Mace Knight is an enemy first debuting in Kirby's Adventure. He is among the Meta-Knights that Meta Knight himself summons. Of of them is an officer on the ship and has some lines of dialogue in Revenge of Meta Knight.

Ax Knight

Ax Knight, like Mace Knight, debuted in Kirby's Adventure and shares a lot of lines of dialogue in Revenge of Meta Knight.

Trident Knight

Trident Knight debuted in Kirby's Adventure. They don't participate in the dialogue for Revenge of Meta Knight.
KSSU Javelin Knight sprite

Javelin Knight

Javelin Knight debuted in Kirby's Adventure. They seem to be mechanical enemies. They don't participate in the dialogue for Revenge of Meta Knight.

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