Mike Kirby (Micro or Microfono in Spanish) is an ability that can destroy any enemy in one hit, except mini bosses and bosses. It is in the anime two times. In one of the episodes, there is a singing contest for an unlimited supply of watermelons, but it is actually a trap. The song Kirby sings the first time is "Kihon

wa Maru". First Song.

Mike Kirby Transformation00:19

Mike Kirby Transformation

Flavour Texts Edit

Kirby's Adventure: Kirby can sing his favorite song three times! I wonder why that song hurts enemies...
Kirby Super Star: When Kirby sings, everybody plugs their ears! You're able to use the Mike three times.
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land: Uwaaahhh! Oooooh yeahhhh! Un-hunhhh! Baaaaby! Rock on!! *Can only be used three times.
Kirby Air Ride: None.
Kirby Super Star Ultra: Owowow! Ooh, yeah-ah! Yabba jabba yeah yeah yeah! Sing 3 times to silence all...
Kirby's Return to Dream Land: Whoa oh oh ahee ahee! Dur dur yeah yeah yeah! Charge up for more power! If you sing three times, you'll be super happy!

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