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Big Green ChuChuEdit

Big Green ChuChu
I know, it's not a catchy name, but it's not like the ChuChu got to Chuse it! (LOL)... Anyway, this boss is the simplest in the game, which makes sense, because it's the first one. Simply suck in the ChuChu's feet with the Gust Jar until it topples over, then attack it. Rinse and repeat, and the Earth Element is yours.


This guy is awesome. It's an innovative fight, with a creative item, and it's REALLY FUN! Gleerok is a weird magma snake turtle type thing, which is a really cool design as well. But let's get on to the battle. Gleerok is in the center of the screen, surrounded by lava, and breathes fireballs at you. You must run around the outsides, and fire the Cane of Pacci at its shell. This will cause it to be stunned, so you must run on its head to its body and attack the orange rock. When it rumbles, run away and hide in a corner. Lava will rise and boulders will fall from the ceiling. When Gleerok pops out again, rinse and repeat.


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Big OctorokEdit

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Gyorg PairEdit

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