Morning glory
A Morning Glory is a plant from Kirby Mass Attack. Their first appearance was in the level 4-6 (Volcano Valley - Stage 6). This stage is like a haunted house where it's some dark. You can find this rare plant in this stage and you may see it first in a dark place. You need to push it into a bright place to push it you need to throw Kirbys in the pot to push it. When it's in a bright place, it will grow as a regular plant. When it finish of grow the plant will be destroyed automatic and it will turn into a Food Bubble or a medal bubble but the pot will still be there.


  • When the flower stayd in a bright place a song will be heared. But if it's in a bright place and then you push it again into a dark one the "happily" song will be heared inverse and then the flower will hide again.
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