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Needle Kirby

All of Needle Kirby's Battles

Needle (Erizo in Spanish) is like Spark in some ways. He is usually Yellow Kirby when he uses this ability. It appears in the
anime too. The first game to feature this ability is Kirby's Adventure. It used to have only one attack, but Kirby's Return to Dream Land added more uses to it.

Flavour Texts Edit

Kirby's Adventure Lot's of needles, just like a porcupine's, come out Kirby! It's a great defense!
Kirby:Nightmare in Dream Land Hands off! Here: Pointy spikes! There: Pokey spikes!
Kirby Canvas Curse Spike anything! Ride rainbows!
Kirby's Return to Dream Land Prick your foes with a thorny jab! Really stick it to 'em! Roll from a dash to bring the pain with a Rolling Needle!


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