Ninja Dojo is a minigame in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It
Ninja Dojo
is pretty simple. You shake the Wii Remote to hit a target.


Level 1Edit

In this level there are just 5 targets. The first one is the easiest one, it stays immobile as the target of the training.

Level 2Edit

There are 7 levels in this level. Also the place where Kirby (Or a playable character) are, will change, depending the level. (Example: In a determinade level will be rainy.)

Level 3Edit

There are 10 targets here, in this level. Starting with target 7, the next targets can be too difficult to hit, because they appear as a surprise, or too fast.


  • All the players can be Kirby but with a diffrent color. (Not pink. This is only for player 1.)
  • Like is write up, sometimes the weather of the place will change when you got a level up.
  • If you are playing in multi-player mode. If one fails the hit, but the other player no, the game continues. But if all the players fail the game is over.
  • Kirby's (Or a playable character) ninja star is different if you play this mini-game in the story mode and extra mode.

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